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Chelle is a Holistic Counsellor, Reiki Master, Womens Calm Courage Coach, author and mystical mentor.

With over a decade of working in the energy healing field, delving into the mind, body and soul connection, crystals, essential oils, life coaching and writing, she has the unique ability to see the light in others and assist them to heal past wounds, find their untapped potential and become their best.

As the creator of The Soulful Goddess Program, Chelle's deepest passion is assisting women to reconnect to their authentic feminine power and realise their true worth and deep inner beauty, encouraging them to live a life full of

calm courage, confidence, peace and joy.


  • Diploma Holistic Counselling

  • Reiki Master

  • Access Bars Practitioner

  • Diploma Marketing

  • Accredited PuP Therapist

  • Accredited Parent-Child Mother Goose Facilitator

  • Accredited Seasons For Growth Facilitator

  • Certificate Life Coaching

From when I was a child, I felt I was here for

a purpose, a reason.

I went through the searching as a teenager,

trying to find my "fit" in a society that

imposed restrictions on how and what we

"should" look and live like.

As an adult, I felt there was more to life than

the day to day struggle. I went through the

hippy stage, sarongs, freedom, the Wild

Woman feeling her way through the societal

mess that surrounded her.

I met my soul mate at the age of 20 and am

still travelling this journey with him. We have

three magnificent children - I was a young

mother, my first child born when I was 22 and then twins at 25.

I brought them up using natural methods, healthy food and lots of love.

Life was pretty good.

Then I lost my brother to cancer. Rocked my world!

How could this happen, how was this fair - I felt desolate, cheated, denied.

Thus began my search for reasons. I needed to know that there was a purpose to his passing. I began reading everything I could get my hands on about life after death, reincarnation, past lives and all other metaphysical and magical literature.

The questions remained.

Was this all there was?

This one life?

​​I was searching for something, not sure what, but something. I knew there was more out there and starting looking for the truth for me. I believed that I was meant to search and pursue this path so I could become the person I am today.

It has taken me decades to get to where I am today. A life full of twists and turns. 

I wear many hats - the mother, sister, daughter, wife, lover and now grandmother. Spent years in the corporate world and found that money alone can't make you happy.

I have travelled this beautiful country for years with my mate - we have met so many lovely people who all have a unique story to tell. 

My mission now, is to empower women to feel visible and valuable in their lives and communities. I want to help you find the fire in your belly again and shake off the limiting beliefs that keep you playing small - to fill your heart with calm courage and confidence.

Travel with me on this part of my journey and discover

how your life can be filled with love, peace and light, everyday.






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