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Presented by Chelle Fisher

Founder of LunaMarga Healing & Wellness

and Creator of Ageing With Empowerment

I am on a mission to empower women to feel fabulous at any age. My deepest passion lies with women over 40 who find themselves labelled and put in a box by the stereotyping that occurs throughout society and media.

We are constantly bombarded with info around how to look younger or better - well I am here to show you how to embrace your authentic feminine power and deep inner beauty no matter what age you are.

Let's Get Fabulous!

In this 6 week interactive program we will cover the following topics
Each week a different focus - some serious stuff but also a lot of fun
as we look at life from the lens of fabulousness

The Concept of Ageing

Stereotypes, Media, Society

Let's talk about how ageing is perceived and how we challenge that

We Are What We Consume

Food, Drinks, Media, Opinions

Time to talk about where we spend

our time and money and how to refocus your feelings around body changes and attitudes

Mindset Around Ageing

Let's get you feeling

Vibrant, Visible and Valuable!

Changing and challenging the

focus around ageing

Love, In All Its Forms

Loving Yourself

Loving Your Body

Letting go of expectations - ours

and others and being your own

role model

The Freedom of Ageing

Cut those ties!

Let's talk about the freedom of ageing - Time For Me and

cutting the clutter

(mind, emotional and physical)

Making It Work For You

Let's bring it all together in practical and fun ways so you move forward with peace, love and joy


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