Soul Guidance Reading


Often in our lives, we tend to take care of our bodies and minds but have somehow neglected our Souls.

We work, bring up families, build partnerships and relationships, acquire yet more stuff in order to feel fulfilled and happy. Yet, we find ourselves still dissatisfied.

In neglecting our Souls, we become disconnected from our true selves, forgetting our beingness and instead focussing on our doingness.

This reading will delve into the issues you are facing now and have had in the past and will give you insight into what you can do, on a practical and spiritual level to reconnect to you Soul and begin to live a life of joy and peace.

Often all we need do is be reminded of ourselves on a Soul level - simple and healing methods of remembering who we are at a deeper level.

This is an chance to see into the deeper parts of yourself that may have been left behind.

I do not offer this reading for entertainment value or just to see "what comes up".

I do not predict the future or offer info about past lives lived.

Readings are available via email for you to read at your leisure.