Recognise, Release and Reframe

Image by Markus Winkler

Throughout our lives, we have had experiences and events that have shaped the way we feel and react to situations that arise in our daily lives.

We can find ourselves reacting to situations in ways that are not readily understandable and leave us feeling confused and disconnected and those around us do not grasp why we have reacted the way we have.

It has to do with the emotional response we have learned from past experiences. When the same sort of experience occurs again, it triggers in us emotions based on what we felt the last time it happened. So, instead of reacting to the situation as it presents, we base our reaction and emotional response on our past experience. These emotions may be anger, anxiety, fear, guilt or deep sadness.

We can also hold onto past conditioning that keeps us believing that we are not worthy or not good enough. These beliefs crop up to sabotage us every time we begin to move forward and we find ourselves not up to scratch or deserving of better again and again.


But this doesn't have to continue. Change can occur in as little as one session.

By recognising the beliefs and emotions that we feel on a deep subconscious level, we can begin to release those beliefs and emotions and see the situation for what it is, rather than the emotional response we have now.

Working on and through these beliefs and emotional responses, allows us to separate the happening from the feeling and experience each situation in a clear and unique way.

This journey involves shifts in our subconscious to get you from chaos to calm, confusion to clarity and fragile to empowered.

Available face to face or online via zoom.