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Did You Just Say No???

Change is scary, right?

So many thoughts run through our minds when we decide that things need to change in our lives.

Taking that first step and realising that if you don't change things in your life, nothing will change in your life.

Sounds so simple doesn't it - just change this and all will be well.

Doesn't quite work like that most of the time.

Change is hard. Most humans don't like change much. It is easier and less confrontational to just remain where we are and put up with it.

But what does that achieve?

We end up feeling stuck, resentful, bored, lack luster and discontent. And those around us can feel very uncomfortable when the ever steady woman that often gives far too much of herself, decides to actually take time for her.

It is weird for them, they don't know how to react when you say "No, that's not a priority for me right now".


That first time you say "No" 😱 - it's like the world stops and everyone is left gasping.

And the butterflies in your stomach go into overdrive - what will they think of me, how will they react, will they think I'm joking/crazy/selfish?

Believe me, they'll get over it eventually. And often, the new courageous woman that emerges becomes an inspiration rather than a disappointment.

I remember feeling incredibly anxious when I first decided it was time to put myself first - I said "No" and waited for the backlash, the protests, the disbelief - some of that happened but most of it didn't. The second time was easier, then the third etc. The world didn't stop, nobody starved and we all became a lot happier, especially me!

And the best part?

I felt a new sense of freedom, a lightening of the load, like taking off a heavy old coat that has become outdated and worn and hanging it on the hook of "don't need to carry that anymore".

Yes, it's scary but oh so liberating. Putting yourself first is not selfish, it's healthy. For as the old saying goes:

You cannot fill another's cup from a cup that is empty.

Start filling your cup first and see what happens.

Chelle xxx

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