Female therapist performing Reiki therap

Reiki is an Japanese healing method that uses the Higher Power (Rei) and the life force energy (Ki) to promote stress reduction and relaxation in the body of the recipient. It is a simple, natural and safe method of healing and self improvement that everyone can use. It is administered by the laying on of hands, the practitioner channels the Universal energy into the recipient which works on the life force energy that flows through the body - if this energy is high, we are well, when this energy is depleted or under stress, we suffer dis-ease.



While spiritual in nature, Reiki is not a religion - there is nothing you need to believe in in order for Reiki to be of benefit in your life.

Reiki is safe and suitable for all ages.

Reiki does not replace traditional medicine, but rather seeks to complement and enhance it. It can help with many things, for example:

Chronic Pain

Dis-ease in the body, including chronic pain, is often caused by emotional or psychological blockages in the body and mind. Reiki is channelled into the body of the recipient to release and remove blockages that may be contributing to your ongoing pain. It can help to relax the recipient and therefore remove the anxiety that accompanies the pain.


In this modern world, many of us lead very busy lives and find ourselves playing catch up in a lot of situations. This leads to ongoing stress levels that may creep up on you until you get to the stage where your body reacts with dis-ease or your mind becomes anxious. Reiki can help to relax and reinvigorate the body so the stresses and anxiety can be eased. Working with your practitioner will help to discover the source of the dis-ease and then undertaking a healing session can help to release and remove the causes to get you on the path to wellness.

Reiki can also be beneficial as a complement to depression treatment and postnatal anxiety.

Sleep problems

As Reiki is a relaxing and restorative healing technique, it can help to unblock energy pathways and promote better sleep. Often bad sleeping patterns are linked to stress and worry - if we work towards identifying and eliminating the causes of the stress and worry, we are working towards a happier life and less dis-ease. A Reiki session encourages you to take time out for yourself and leave cares and worries behind. This can lead to an easing of the mind which will in turn, allow better sleep.

Feeling "Stuck"

No matter how well we try to organise our lives, sometimes we just get stuck or get the feeling that we are stuck - this can include mental, emotional or physical stagnation. We are sometimes just unable to get ourselves out of the rut. Reiki can help to unblock the pathways that keep us in the same mindset so we can move forward in life.


Tiredness and lack of energy seem to be part of the modern lifestyle. Many little stresses and demands can leave us feeling less than our best. Reiki can help to get that life force energy moving again and have you feeling more energetic and put a spring back in your step. The coursing of Universal energy through your charkras and energy pathways will have you feeling ready to tackle anything that comes your way.

There are many other benefits to a Reiki healing - at the very least, a healing session is a chance to relax and take time for yourself in this busy and demanding world.