"I recently had my first Reiki session with Chelle. I had been not feeling myself for quite a while, I am 52 and going through menopause. I have been to the doctors, had all the blood tests only to be told all was good. I knew within myself that I was not "all good". I have always been confident in my work abilities and am usually very happy go lucky. I have never dealt with anxiety but I started feeling anxious about myself and my abilities. I didn't realise how much this was affecting me. I had become a very different person. Enter Chelle...... I wasn't sure what to expect from reiki but Chelle made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, I immediately opened up to her, something I do not do easily. I found the whole experience truly amazing!!!! All the pressure from my life seemed to be released, I almost felt weightless. I felt so at ease with Chelle that I cried, quite a bit, but I felt I needed to get it out. I can't explain what Chelle does but she is an amazing person with a beautiful soul. I came out of her room feeling like a different person, a little numb if I'm honest. It wasn't until the next day that I realised how great I felt. I woke up feeling completely calm, something I haven't been for years, at total ease with myself and absolutely no anger inside of me. I feel like a new person. I cannot recommend Chelle enough, I will be telling everyone about her. Thank you Chelle for changing my life."


"Chelle takes a holistic approach, which has helped me to unravel the layers of past trauma, which has contributed to what feels like a life time of negative thoughts and behaviour. 

Each session combined with counselling and Reiki healing, has taught me the use of tools, such as journaling, guided meditation, practising gratitude and the search of positive reading literature. 

I am held accountable for my own healing and the process required to move past self defeating thoughts and behaviour through taking action using these positive new tools. 

On this journey we call life, I will continue to work with Chelle as I continue learn and grow, shedding all the layers of my past, staying present and mindful in any given moment. 

I am very grateful to have such support."