The Soulful Goddess® Program

Meditation Class

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Discover the Transformational Program That

 Reconnects You to Your Divine Feminine Power

7 Weeks to Dissolve Your Limiting Beliefs & Shift Your Perception From

Who You Have Been Conditioned to Be,

To Realising and Regaining

Your Confidence and Purpose and

Living a Life Full of Joy, Love and Peace

Program Modules

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Redefining YOU

Challenge the way you see your thoughts and emotions

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Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

Challenge the way you see your own potential

Intuitive Perception

Change the way you react and respond to challenges and stress

Woman with White Shirt

Past, Present, Future

Change the way you see your past,

your future and the need to

control your world

Tattooed Woman

Step It Up A Notch

Challenge the way you see your talents and your place in the world

group of crazy women mixed ages from you

Finding Your Tribe

Challenge the way you see your relationships with others

Dancing Women

Embracing Joy

Change your levels of contentment 

and inner peace

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