Women's Moon Circles

Women's circle. Female hands holding a bowl with candles and rose petals.jpg
Recognise, Release and Reframe

Four week program of Women's Moon Circle following the cycle of Luna - the Moon.


A moon circle is a safe sacred space, where women can enjoy being in sisterhood, feel supported and heard. Everything that happens in circle remains privately in the circle, which allows women to truly open up, share, and be authentic.

So, why a Moon Circle - what has the moon got to do with it?

As women, our cycles wax and wane just as Luna does - we go through a monthly cycle with our bodies and often feel the effects of the Lunar phases.

Have you ever felt emotional or overwhelmed near the full moon? There is reason for this - the full moon pulls on the waters of Mother Earth and as we humans are made up of around 60% water, we feel the pull of Luna also.

As the moon waxes and wanes we may find ourselves feeling more energised or more inclined to rest - and these phases are the perfect time to look at what needs to be released or reframed in our minds and bodies to live an optimally fulfilling existence.

Hence, the 4 weeks of circles - starting with the Dark or New Moon - and working through the phases until the Waning Moon.

Join with me as we journey through the phases and release that which is keeping you small and hidden or in a perpetual cycle of self criticism.

Isn't it time you stepped into your full power and became that Calmly Courageous woman? Yes, it it possible to feel valuable and visible again - let me guide you to see what is truly yours if you allow yourself to fully shine as Luna does when she is in her power.


Week 1 - The Dark Moon

This week brings the opportunity to look deep inside and see what is in your life that no longer serves you and letting it go. A time to plant seeds of growth and intentions going forward. New beginnings and birthing ideas to germinate over the coming weeks. A time to be brave and dig deep to find what ignites your feminine fire.


Week 2 - The Waxing Moon

A time of reflection and receiving - the growth of the seeds planted the previous week. A time to become motivated and positive about the changes you have put in place. Learn to visualise your dreams as reality getting clear on the direction you are heading.


Week 3 - The Full Moon

This is the time of the collective feminine – a powerful time to sit with other women. A time to seize the opportunities that are before you - to accept guidance, nourishment and celebrate the expansion of the intentions you put into place at the Dark Moon. A time to harness the big energies that the Full Moon offers and get moving!


Week 4 - The Waning Moon

This week is an opportunity to release all the challenges that have come up for you and cleanse. Reflection on what is working, what is not and what to let go of going forward. Turn the knowledge learned into wisdom and relinquish what has come up in the past few weeks that restricts your growth.



Join with us and celebrate all that it is to be woman – feel visible and valuable again.