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I'm ready to change my life...

The Soulful Goddess® Program



You were born powerful.

You were born creative.

You are the only one of you that there is.


You may have a wonderful family, a great job, lots of supportive friends, beautiful things around you. Life is fabulous, right?

So what is that sense of emptiness and lack of connection that keeps nagging at you?

What is that persistent niggle that keeps calling you to find more, to discover that which is missing in your life?

That little voice that won't be silenced.

Those around you tell you how lucky you are to be in the position you are in, look what you have/do/own - so why do you feel so damn discontent?

You were once full of confidence, knew your place in the world.

As you’ve grown older, you feel like you’ve become invisible.

Society has conditioned you to believe that unless you’re young and beautiful, you’re really not worth much.

Maybe you’re carrying junk from long ago that keeps you playing small and not reaching your full potential.

I feel you goddess. I have been there - struggled with that background feeling that just will not be silenced no matter how much you try to convince yourself that everything is perfect.

Drowned myself in work, food or alcohol just to try and convince myself that it doesn’t really exist.

Gained weight, lost weight, gained it again and felt like crap each time I looked in the mirror, seeing only my flaws and flab.

​Convinced myself time and time again, that I wasn’t worthy just because someone told me that a long time ago.

But it doesn’t have to go on like this.

I know you want to feel good again, feel confident in yourself and face the world knowing you’re worth something.

You know you have a reason for being here. You know that there is more to life than the gathering of success and material wealth. It's a slow simmering fire in your feminine belly that just won't be smothered.

It's your Soul calling you, girl!

It's that connection to your inner most self that just will not be quiet. 

​She is the part of you that has been squashed, pushed down, controlled and quieted so that you don't make waves or cause disruption.


Now is her time to shine. 

Now is her time to come forth and create.

Now is her time to fill that void that you feel deep in your belly.

She is ready....... and so are you.

This is your time to reconnect and feel the full power of being in touch with your mind, body and soul. 

Imagine the joy and peace that comes with feeling fulfilled, empowered and connected.

The magic you can weave as you live with purpose, clarity and vitality allowing your full potential to shine and flourish as you walk confidently in your own skin.

Finally free of that inner critic that keeps telling you how unworthy you are.

Life was meant to be like this - strong, bold and adventurous!

You are meant to have joy in your life, to feel full of love and peace.



Are you ready to feel that feminine fire ignite in your belly?

Are you ready to let go of the inner critic and release those crippling, limiting beliefs?

Are you ready to heed the call of YOUR inner goddess?

Are you ready to meet and unleash your authentic feminine self and live a life of power and purpose?

Take this journey with me.


7 Powerful Shifts that give you the tools to create deep and lastin change to the life you want, free of the past BS that nags at you and keeps you feeling unworthy.


7 Transformational Shifts that take you on a journey from feeling disconnected, discontent and dissatisfied to a place of Connection, Joy and Peace.

Imagine waking up each morning knowing that you are ready to face whatever challenge comes your way, because you are confident in your self and the strength you have within.


Imagine having that feeling of inner peace and contentment, feeling gratitude for all that surrounds you.


Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing yourself for who you truly are – a strong, happy woman ready to take on the world.

If you are ready to feel all this and more, book your call with me via the link below.


Let’s have a chat and see if this is the program for you.


Email me at: chelle@chellefisher.com.au  Or phone 0408 942 781

Love, light and peace


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