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Waking the Wise Woman


Once upon a time there was a village.

In this village lived a group of women. They spent most of their days together. 

They gathered herbs, vegetables, fruits - cooked together, talked and laughed.

They helped each other birth their children, all were involved in the raising of the village young. They tended each other when illness took hold and held each other

when grief visited after loss.

They sat together and discussed life and it's challenges.

They listened when thoughts and ideas were shared.

Of course, disagreements happened, but as they were all connected in a

common cause, they found solutions that were comfortable to all.

They knew that they had the ability to heal, themselves and others.

They knew that they could rely on their intuition because they were so

in tune with their bodies, minds and souls.

They knew that there was power in their connection with each other.

Then "someone" decided that the women had too much power and they decided they

needed to be separated from each other so they would not be so amazing.

The women were told they could no longer practice their healing arts, they could not rely on their intuition, they could not gather together as they may conspire and corrupt.

They were shamed and tormented and persecuted and told they were less than.

They were ridiculed and put on trial and burned.

And eventually, after many generations, the women were subdued, and they sat

in their separate little boxes and felt lost and alone and sad.

One day, some women began to remember their magic.

Memories and thoughts flooded back and they began to allow their minds to open to 

possibilities once again. They grew herbs and made potions. They gathered in circles and talked, supported and listened. They uncovered their healing gifts and began to unpack the trauma and conditioning that had been passed through generations.

And they began to witness miracles in their lives.

They knew it was time to gather their sisters and spread the word.

Which brings us to here.

It is time, my sisters, to gather and connect.

To reclaim your place, your magic and be the amazingly, magnificent being you are.


Do not doubt it is in you sister, for I see it every day.


Women who are realising just how much they have been conditioned to believe

that they will never be enough.

Women who are awakening to their innate gifts of healing and creating.


Women who are witnessing miracles every day through believing and seeing.

Women who are trusting their intuition and finding it to be accurate and reliable.

Women who are feeling empowered and courageous to BE THEMSELVES.

Women who are QUEENS of their own destiny.

Women who are living lives filled with JOY and PEACE.

Join us sister as we reconnect and remember our Magic.

Let's begin Waking the Wise Woman inside you.

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