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It started as a knot in her stomach

Tying and twisting as she remembered

It overtook her

She could not stop it or escape

It happened every time

She found herself here

Unwelcome, intrusive

And debilitating

She knew what it was

Yet had no way to make it cease

It consumed, eroded

Her self worth and composure

Breathe, she told herself

Just breathe

It helped, but not ceased

This knot that twisted inside

Threatened to consume her

And rend her powerless

She stopped

Felt deep into the emotion

That swelled and seethed

Let it flow through

Without trying to contain it

Then it eased

Her breathing slowed

Shoulders dropped

The knot loosened inside

The clamminess calmed

And she walked away.....


I'm sure many of you can relate to this feeling. That overwhelming feeling of powerlessness that grasps you when you are triggered by something that has left trauma and scarring inside you.

It can be so debilitating, so all consuming that you feel you have absolutely no way of getting out of it.

When you find yourself in this situation, as a way to help you get through it, try the following:

  • STOP - don't say or do anything

  • Recognise the emotions you are feeling right there and then

  • Take 3 deep breaths and exhale fully

  • If you can, remove yourself from the direct source of the anxiety

  • Try and see if your rational or irrational mind is in control here

  • Can you remember when it first reared it's head and caused you to feel this way?

  • Ask yourself, is this my issue or someone else's?


Don't beat yourself up if it doesn't work the first time - this issue may have been affecting you for some time, so cut yourself some slack.

Talk to yourself as you would a friend -

  • would you tell them to get on with it?

  • Would you tell them to stop being ridiculous?

  • Or would you support them as they went through it?

What would you say to yourself if you were not paralysed with fear?


These small suggestions may not fix the problem long term, however, the more you practice them the easier they will get to use.

Also, try to use the practice of mindfulness - being in the present moment.


If you find that these situations are a big issue and are affecting your daily life, please, seek out professional help. Often by addressing the issue and talking it out with someone, you can find the root cause of the trauma and work with it to lessen it's impact on your life.

You can take back your power and begin the road to self-healing.

In peace


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