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She hesitated

Looked at the scales

Gingerly she stepped on

Her fingers crossed

She had a look

Disappointment again

As she saw the numbers appear

Crestfallen, she stepped off

She had done the work

Counted the calories

Cut out the treats

Yet still, it did not matter

Her belly still wobbled

Her thighs jiggled

Her jeans were too tight

Her spirit crushed

Where had it gone wrong

Why hadn't it made a difference

It wasn't fair, she told herself

As she pulled on her leggings

And wrapped herself

In an oversized jumper

She thought back

To when she was younger

And had a waist

As her age had grown

So had her belly

Her waist now less defined

And increasingly harder to find

But, she asked herself

Did it really matter

Did it change her

Or make her any less

Than the perfect being she was

A magnificent representation

Of creation

Then her thoughts shifted

To a more positive frame

She counted the good things in her life

Her wrinkles of joy

Her lines of laughter

Her stretch marks of wealth

Her abundance of love

And her ability to persist

She put the scales in the cupboard

To gather dust

She would no longer

Be determined by a number

Or a measurement

Of someone else's making

For who were they to decide

Her worth

Attached to a false ideal

An ridiculous illusion

That coerced her into believing

She was never enough

How dare they try

To undermine and destroy

Her soul

Her love for herself

She was woman

Generous, soft, gentle

Strong, courageous, determined


And the weight lifted.....

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