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Advice to Myself

Grey Winter days spent inside often find me in a place of deep contemplation.

Today, a song came on my playlist that suggested we do not mourn the women we have been as these women have shaped who we are now.

This is so true.

Yes, there are women I have been who I look back on and find wanting in some respects - not perhaps in the ways you may think but rather in her lack of self worth, her deep seated self doubt and her constant internal critical voice that kept her small, shrinking into the background and silenced.

I do not believe in regrets, I see these are wasted energy - instead I look on my past as experiences - I cannot change what has gone before, however, I can most certainly influence what is to come.

So here are a few things I would like to share as I look back on the many women I have been and hope you can take something from them:

~ Enjoy yourself - be silly, be wild, be who you feel deep inside - no one else has the right to tell you how you "should" be

~ Don't waste your days doing what others think you "should" - that is their perception of your life - create your own perceptions, your own reality and live it fully

~  Don't dim yourself down because someone else tells you you're "too much/loud" - shine that light, sing out, be bold

~ Keep feeding your dreams, regardless of how many times someone tells you they are impractical, unrealistic, ridiculous - dreams are what keeps our imaginations alive and feeds our soul

~ On the other side of that, don't be a dream squasher! It is not your place to tell another they can't or won't

~ Wear what you want - who cares if it's not in "fashun" - wear what YOU feel comfortable in, wear stripes and dots together if you want, find your unique style and rock it!

~ DO NOT COMPARE yourself to anyone else - how can you? You are the only one of you there is - how can you look at another and find yourself lacking? This has been a big one for me and finally at the age of 58 I stopped doing it and found deep peace




 LOVE YOURSELF - just in case you missed it

I could go on and on with things I have learned - that can keep for another day.

We have one shot, one lifetime to embrace the uniqueness of the body and life we find ourselves travelling. What a shame to waste time on comparison, competition and craving.


 ~~ BE LOVE ~~

In peace, love and a sprinkle of magic

Chelle xxx

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