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Authentically, yours

It had started with a word

She wasn't exactly sure where it had come from

From her Higher Self maybe

Or a guardian angel



It had struck her at the time

As she sat contemplating in her circle

It arrived strong and loud

Not loud for the world to hear, just her

She had decided that this would be her mantra

Her key word for the year

It felt right, good, fitting


Now months later, she contemplated it again

Things had changed for her

She had expanded, opened, blossomed

She revisited her mantra

What did it actually mean

How did it present itself in her life

It was more than taking a selfie without any makeup

More than a photo in a forest

With her best dress on and new shoes

It was about getting her feet dirty

As she sat in communion with Mother Earth

It was about the food she fed her glorious body

It was about the way she showed up for herself

Every day

It was about being vulnerable with others

Showing her truth in the way she lived

Speaking her truth, knowing that those wanting to listen

Would come

It was about honouring her emotions

Allowing the flow of feelings to wander

She thought back to a day at school

She remembered a comment made by a teacher

As she left the room, was she meant to hear it

It wasn't kind, it had played on her mind for days

All she had wanted was to express herself

But she wasn't like the others, she didn't quite fit

So she squashed it, put it in a box in her heart

And left it there for decades, gathering dust

But now, she dusted it off and said to hell with it

I am enough, I am me

She shook off the doubt and ruffled her unruly hair

Smiled at herself, as she looked into the depths of her eyes

Witnessed her truth reflected back to her


She felt that in her heart

The deep love of all that surrounded her

The joy of just being, being her

For that was all she could be

All she wanted to be

And that was more than enough

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