Collectively ...We Can

I was speaking with a friend the other day and the topic of the current state of the world came up, as it often does these days.

We were discussing how we had experienced bouts of what we could only describe as a deep sadness - an overwhelming feeling deep in our hearts that was hard to shake and even harder to explain.

It was the feeling of sadness for humanity, for Mother Earth, for all creation that we witness.

The world is sad.

We are witness to so much negative and depressing news - especially if you watch MSM - it is plastered all over our beautiful Earth.

Of course, bad and sad news is nothing new, but we have experienced so much of it and so intensely over the last 2 years or so that it now pervades our very souls.

So many people I talk with are feeling this sadness - it has become a collective sadness now, and we are having a hard time shifting this from our consciousness.

Everyone has a story and many tell of really tough times - of sickness, death, isolation, loneliness, lack of work, natural disasters, poverty, and now, war.

We are being conditioned slowly but surely that there is no joy or peace in our world. The news is quick to tell us of disaster, hesitant to give us hope.

Can that be changed??

Can we make the decision to turn it around??

I believe we can.

It can start very small - just smiling at someone you pass in the street (now that our smiles are on show again)

Ask someone if they need assistance. Help someone with their shopping. Smile at a stranger in the supermarket.

Join together in a circle and send out waves of love and light to all. Make meditation a part of your life and concentrate of being a person that radiates love and joy.

Brew a pot of tea and share it with your neighbours. Share your excess produce if you grown your own veggies or fruit - good food = good mood.

If you are really struggling to keep on top of your sadness or anxiety, speak up, ask for help. If you are having a really tough time of it, reach out - find someone to talk with and unload with.

You don't have to do it alone.

Be the one that starts the movement to making the world a better place. And the more we send out and receive love and light the more powerful the effect will be.

We can start to turn it around and as a collective group of consciousness, we can make a difference.

Extend your hand and your smile to someone who is doing it tough.

We are all in this together, we are all the same energy - and we can all do our little bit to make this world a beautiful place once again.

A small step each day, a pebble in a pond creates a ripple effect.

Sending all who read this a wave of hope, love, peace and joy.

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