It caught her off-guard

Knocked her for six

The mere thought that her dream

Could soon take its place

On the shelf

With the other hopes

Filled her eyes with tears

Wrenched her heart

All her life she had known

She was here for so much more

Than just a mundane existence

A sheep in a flock

A cog in the machinations of society

She had always felt a little different

A little disconnected from the rest

Happy with her own company

Unimpressed by trappings

Her soul had yearned over the years

To be of service

To give

To listen, share, support

She had nearly got there

So many times

What had kept her small?

What had limited her offering?

As she now contemplated

Putting her dream in yet another box

And moving into the mainstream

Her heart sank

So she asked

And Source answered

How much do you want it

What are you willing to do

Chase it!

Now that she saw the potential end

Of her soul's calling

She stood up and took notice

Was she willing to give up

Pack it in

Follow the crowd

Into the daily grind

Of meaningless pursuits

Her soul answered loud and clear


So she dusted her dream off

And polished it, embraced it

So it once again sparkled and shone

She turned the page

In her book of life

Sharpened her pencils

And started writing a new chapter

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