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She struggled with the question They all told her She needed to put herself in a box

Define who she was State her niche It puzzled her that it had to be this way How could she put what she did in a box Or describe it in one sentence It was different every time It will never work if you don't conform, they told her No one will know what you do All the gurus said it time and again You need to be specific Your need to nail your niche You must be one thing, one thing How could she do that What would she pick from her bag of magic To be that one thing She was healer, medicine woman She was listener, confidant She was creator, grower, alchemist She was herself She could not fit in a neat little box She did not want to Her offerings were not measured in sales But in the love that returned to her If she must define herself it would be thus She offered a safe place, a sanctuary Where those who came to her Wept, released, re-framed, connected Laughed, healed, drifted, let their souls sing She offered her heart and soul To help others connect to theirs She offered her magic That flowed from Source Each story she listened to Was unique and sacred So how could she put herself in a box When she asked others to step out of theirs She hoped her journey was an example

Of a life lived with joy and gratitude Of one who saw the beauty that surrounded her

Of one whose wish was to lift those around her

And guide them to see their own beauty and worth

There was no one box that she fitted in

Just a world

That needed more healing

More love and compassion

Connection and unity

And she was at peace with that

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