Give Yourself a Gold Star

Someone asked me the other day what I was proud of in my life.

My immediate response was "My family"...

I have been fortunate to conceive, carry and birth 3 amazing children, who have now grown into amazing adults. I am extremely proud of the people they have become and the values they embody, and I now see them passing these traits on to their children. My clan grows ever bigger and I am so proud of all of them - big and small.

I pondered this question again last night with my husband - we talked of family, jobs we had had, travel and a host of other things.

It was during this conversation that I realised that, over the years we travelled and worked around Australia, how easily we had been able to take on so many different roles.

From our first sojourn in Tasmania as we embraced the gypsy life, we cleaned it, served it, made it, managed it, booked it etc. all the way, many years later, to working as relief managers in Indigenous community stores.

I thought about all the challenges I had faced and suddenly I realised, that I was really proud of my ability to adapt and change and take on new ideas and thought patterns to suit the ever changing employment we took on.

Change can be confronting and we can prefer to stay in our happy little comfort zone in order to avoid it. It is a skill to be able to adapt and adopt change with relative ease.

But it can be learned.

We have all had to learn to adapt to change over the past couple of years - some forced on us, some initiated by us and some just happened to us.

I have had to adapt and change my outlook on my employment, my finances and my lifestyle. Some of these changes have been easy, some more difficult - but I have learned to work through them and find ways to deal with them rather that try to avoid them.

There are many strategies that can be shared to assist with the transitions in your life - help is available, you just need to reach out.

So, in answer to the question "What are your proud of?", I answer that I am proud of being true to myself, to finding my authentic self and to having the courage to speak my words.

I am proud to be me!

What are you proud of?

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