She could feel her heart beating

As she sat in quiet stillness

She contemplated its beat

The steady rhythm of life

Reliable, remarkable

Pumping the life through her

Coursing within her

The very essence

That kept her moving and aware

But it was so much more

It was her connection

Her centre of feeling

She thought of all the words

Used to describe it

Heartache, heartfelt

Heartless, heartburn

Heartbreak, heartsick


It ached when she felt sad

Leaped when she felt love

Jumped when she felt fear

Sang when she felt joy

How often she took it for granted

Assumed it would just keep beating

and it did

She held her hands over it now

And blessed it

Loved it for its unending service

Thanked it for being there

Through the joy of her children

Through the love of her man

Through the grief of her loss

For the hope of her future

and it beat again......


Our hearts are an amazing organ. Strong, muscular, living organs.

They not only pump our blood around, but it's where we experience many emotions and feelings.

The flutter when we feel a connection with a lover, the bulge of joy felt deep inside, the expansion of love as we watch a child discover new things.

The deep ache of the loss of a loved one, the heartbreak of this incredible grief that sometimes knows no bounds.

Yet, most of the time, it keeps on beating. Keeps working to sustain life within.

Take a moment today to really appreciate the marvellous miracle that is your heart - give it some love back, bless it and feel full gratitude for this amazing instrument.

With a loving heart


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