Natural Perfection

She studied the blossom she had found

Dropped from the tree

Its petals fresh and unblemished

It was perfect

Soft and delicate

Individual, unlike any other left on the tree

Or the scattered carpet that graced the earth below

It drew her attention to her surroundings

The majestic tree that towered above

The soft, lush grass beneath her bare feet

The hills that gently rolled out in front of her

She marvelled at the way nature just was

No one told the tree how to become

So grand, so strong and steadfast

The grass grew, without instruction from her

She compared the perfection around her

With her own perfection

Her hand, a remarkable invention

That now held the wilting blossom

Her feet that witnessed Mother Earth's heartbeat

The energy of Gaia that pulsed below her

She wondered how she could have ever doubted

Her magnificence

The way her form responded when called

The integration of mind, body and soul

She was one of natures most delicious formations

Sheer magic

A living breathing representation

Of creation at its finest

When had "they" decided that she was not enough

What had made them challenge Mother's artistry

How could they have dared to announce

Mother Earth had failed in her design

It struck her as absurd when she looked at it this way

That another could decide she was flawed

So, she put the blossom back on the earth

With its other perfect companions

And with it dropped their opinions

And her doubts about her worth

Perfect, perfection, flawless

A wonderous expression of the best

That Mother Earth had to offer

... and she smiled

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