It felt overwhelming at first

This clearing of energy

She knew she had to let it go

To release what no longer

Was of benefit to her wellbeing

So much stuff

She had held on to

For far too long

The past experience

Of inadequacy

The lack of worth

The pain of self loathing

It was time to move

Into a new frame of mind

To let go of the past

Embrace the new

She allowed the emotion

To wash over her


And take with it

The muck that kept her stuck

She felt the release

The light

The space

As the old made way for the new

And as she cleared her capacity

Of trauma and pain

A new healing love entered

Filling her with peace



She raised her face to the sun

Drank in its warmth

Felt Mother Earth's power

Surge up through her cleared body

She felt whole again

One with all that surrounded her

In tune with her body and mind

And her spirit soared

With the new found freedom

Of letting go


She stepped back into her power

And walked on in confidence

That what she had to bring this world

Was a gathering, a blessing

It was time....

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