She had risen early

To witness the alignment

Of the planets and Luna

As she gazed at the celestial miracle

Her thoughts drifted to her life

She was approaching the end

Of her 59th lap

Around the glorious Sun

And it caused her reflection

She snuggled her jumper around her

And ventured back into

The warmth of her home

Her sanctuary, her haven

So many memories

So many gifts

Some heartbreak and grief

But overall, a blessed life

She had been so many things

Daughter, sister, aunt

Mother, lover, wife

Friend, confidante, seeker

Healer, scribe, gypsy

Her body reflected her life

Laughter, tears, love,

Wild abandon,

Controlled restraint

Although saggy in parts

Deeply lined in others

She marvelled at its amazing ability

To keep her upright and stable

It had experienced love

Deep ecstasy and desire

Sadness she thought would never end

Frustration, anger,

Healing and peace

It had stretched with her growing babies

Supported, sustained, nourished

Held, cried, laughed,

Broken under the weight of loss

And still she rose

She caught herself looking back

From the depths of the looking glass

And looked deep into her own eyes

This was who she truly was

The soul behind the flesh

The consciousness that examined

And felt


She was not the vehicle that carried her essence

She was so much deeper than that

Her eyes crinkled in the corners

As she wished herself

Many more laps around Sol

Many more connections

With those that needed

Her to share her wisdom now

It was time for her

To step fully into the Wise Woman

It was not time to hide

Or dim her offering

The time had come to shine her light

Open herself to those that would come

To show the way, walk beside

To hold the others hand

To sit and listen, in love and ease

She flicked up the volume

On the Celtic music

And danced her way

Through the rest of her day....

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