It was back

Slowly, it had returned

Crept in unannounced

Silent, insidious

She hadn’t even noticed

Until it slapped her

With the unkindness

That it brought

It taunted her

Teased her

Mocked her

With its cruel intention

She had worked so hard

To release it

Remove it

And still it reared its head

She wondered now

What had happened

To make it return

And seize her power again

What did she lack

That allowed this monster in

What had she allowed

To lapse, retreat

And leave her vulnerable

To her mind, her ego

She reminded herself now

That it was only temporary

It didn’t have to continue

To haunt her thoughts

It was just a moment

Just a crack

In her perfect vessel

A small intrusion

By an unwelcome guest

What do I need, she thought

To turn this around

To reframe my passage forward

To realign with my power

She stopped, breathed

Reminded herself

How magical she was

How she held the power

To change her direction

Choose a new path

She placed her hands

On her solar plexus

Breathed deeply of the energies

That surrounded her

Felt the surge of the spark

As it became a flame

Once again

She was back......

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