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The Notion of Success

The topic of success came up the other day and it got me thinking.

Traditionally, we have viewed success from a monetary place - the more money, the more successful.

A big house, fancy cars, exclusive restaurants, expensive holidays, designer clothes etc etc.

Don't get me wrong, I love money - it is a tool that allows me to gain that which I wish to enhance my life or give me the experiences I wish to have.

I have a beautiful property that allows me space and privacy, a reliable vehicle, a boat for cruising the river - many trappings that bring me joy. But these do not define my success in my eyes. They are lovely, I have worked to bring them into being and I appreciate what is in my life every day.

However, success to me feels different. It cannot be measured in dollars or things or the accumulation of stuff - it is a feeling, a sense of self worth rather than monetary worth.

I work in the field of holistic health - counselling, energy healing, mentoring and the beautiful art of meditation.

I see people that are broken, exhausted, anxious, grief stricken, sad, confused and in need of some assistance to heal whatever brings dis - ease into their lives.

I have sat with people who are very wealthy and have all the things we perceive to denote success and yet they are desperately unhappy. Why?

To me, without the ease of mind that comes with knowing your worth, feeling good about who you are and deep felt self belief, none of the material things really matter.

You may have all the trappings yet still feel unfulfilled, discontent and lacking.

So what is success?

Of course, it is different things to different people, but to me it is the things that make me feel good, wonderful, joyful.

It is the peace you feel deep in your soul that feels like success to me.

The joy you can garner from watching the sun rise on a clear Autumn day.

The mug of tea you cradle in your hands as you watch the birds gather nesting material for their soon to be offspring to nestle in.

The satisfaction of knowing that today, you made a difference to someone's life and they feel better about who they are.

That wonderfully delicious hug that is given from someone who truly loves you.

The warm fuzzies you feel after someone says thank you for inspiring them to carry on and feel better about themselves.

That glorious connection that is fostered when you sit with others and share your deepest fears and loftiest goals without judgement or fear of ridicule.

And to me, most importantly, is the sheer and unadulterated joy I feel when my family gathers together - not out of obligation but out of beautiful, heart felt love for each other.

This, to me, is the true definition of success.

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