The Shifting Tide

She wasn't sure when it happened

This shift in her

It had happened quietly, but quickly

Was is the owl she had found

She had picked it up

Its limp body left on the side of the road

She took it home

Returned it to Mother Earth

In a ceremony of love and thanks

She buried it in her circle, her sacred space

This act had shifted something in her

She felt stronger, quieter, more courageous

Felt her wisdom was now tangible

And finally, able to be shared

It was hard to put her finger on

But she felt different

Like all the self defeating thoughts

That had plagued her mind for decades

Had been buried with that owl

The dislike she had held for her miraculous body

The judgement she felt for others

The need to be something she wasn't

The want for recognition and validation

Gone, lessened, soothed

Her connection to the Universe had changed also

Some sort of gateway had opened

And she felt so much more connected

To Mother Earth

To the animals

To the energies around her

As she sat quietly, reflecting in her sacred circle

The birds circled overhead

The raven cawed and called her

And she listened

As one who has nothing to prove

As one whose heart is at peace

She was ready for what was coming

Although, even in her new found wisdom

She did not know for sure what that was

But she knew that now

She had the strength to face it

And rise as the powerful being she was

It was time.....

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