Ummm.....Can I Have Some Help Please?

Updated: Apr 24

Do those words strike fear in you?

Do they make you retreat into your shell of scaredness?

This has been on my mind for a while now and I feel it's time we changed it.

Why is it so hard for us to admit we could use some help?

Many moons ago when we were tending the hearth while the guys went out and got us a feed, we had each other to turn to when we needed a chat or some assistance.

Later, in the villages, we would pop in and see our neighbour when something was troubling us or we were at a loss with a situation - the kettle would be boiled, the tea brewed and the chat begin.

The children would play together, the washing would be hung out together, the soup would be created together and many problems or ideas would be shared.

Then slowly, insidiously, society decided that we needed to be capable, self-sufficient super women. We were isolated in our little boxes, told that we were less than perfect if we didn't have it all together.

And it worked!

We believed the lies and crap that they told us. We became the super women who could do it all. The perfect home, perfect children, perfect relationships, perfect careers.......

And we became stressed, unhappy and isolated in our striving to be an unrealistic, perverted version of our already perfect selves.

It's tough doing it on your own.

I have faced this very situation this year. Lost my job due to my decisions, have found no other outside paid work since December. Had a brilliant idea that I could just go it alone - you know, just put myself out there to the Universe and they would come.

But they didn't come......

I floundered, struggled, despaired at times at my lack of connection. So, I asked for help. Yep, that's right - super capable me asked for help.

My only deep feeling about this was that I wish I had done it sooner. In my case it was help with getting my business sorted, getting my message straight, really delving into what it was I wanted to offer this crazy, mixed up world.

You know what? It was incredibly liberating. I was totally honest with these people and they with me - I saw things from a different perspective, gained clarity around my situation and found solutions that worked for me.

It took a lot for me to really ask for and receive help.

I believe that it takes a lot of courage to admit that you don't have it all together (kept in perspective here) and you could use a hand.

Reach out - to me, your neighbour, your friend - open up and let them know that you need their assistance.

Send me a message, not so I can sell you something but for the connection and help if you need it.

Let's rebuild that village and reunite in the circle of womanhood.

In peace Chelle

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