What's Your Story Goddess?

I was asked by someone today how I got into this area of healing and counselling.

"I was called" was my response.

I went on to elaborate on my reasons and vision.

(How I was called is a whole other magical story, I'll save that for a later post)

However, my reasons for wanting to do the work I do are simple.

As an older woman navigating this crazy planet we live on, my attention was drawn to the fact that so many women my age struggle with self identity, self worth and feeling invisible. This happened time and time again when I spoke with these women - the issues had differences, but the facts remained that they felt undervalued and dispassionate about life.

So where did it all go so sadly downhill?

Now there's an expression!! How many times have you heard someone declare that, upon mentioning a milestone like your 50th birthday, the first response is "Well, it's all downhill from here". Downhill?? To where??

I decided that in order for this unwarranted perception society had placed upon us experienced, knowledgeable and wisdom saturated souls to change, it had to start with me.

I have made it my mission now to change the vision that older women have of themselves.

So, what makes me an expert on this? - I hear you ask.

Because I am her, I am living the life, I have felt the pain, witnessed the discrimination and sad ignorance of a society that has been brainwashed and bullsh**ted to for decades, if not centuries.

I sit here now writing this, at the age of 58, on a butt that has softened, owning my wrinkles that were fashioned with laughter (mainly laughter, some are from raising my eyebrows at my questioning children over the years) blessing the scars of stretchmarks that allowed my belly to stretch beyond what you would believe is humanly possible, watching as the silver streaks grow in my once luscious locks to tell you this:


Do you believe that?

Do you???

With a heart full of joy, I can say that I do now - I have reframed my thinking and outlook and am now in a place of calm courage and confidence about who I am and where I sit in this world.

Sure, it has taken some work, but what doesn't? We were all ab

le to be convinced we were unworthy so why can't the opposite happen?

So this week, I offer you this challenge:

When you get up in the morning, hair messy, eyes a little droopy from another interrupted nights sleep (what is with waking up at 3am???), needing that first cuppa, I want you to take a moment to look yourself in the eyes in the mirror and say "Good morning Goddess, have a fabulous day"!!

Give it a go - and who knows, you might just believe yourself by the end of the week. Let me know in the comments below.

In peace xxx

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