Who's In Charge?

She examined her attitude

It had changed of late

No longer the little creature

That hid in the shadows

Her attitude had grown


It now looked her right in the eye

And said, "If not now, then when??"

And it was right

What was she waiting for

Hoping that things would change on their own

Had led to a quickening of the clock

Time rushed past and she couldn't catch it

No matter how hard she'd tried

Only one thing for it, she realised

So she looked straight back at her attitude

And declared, "Let's Do This!"

So began the next stage of her journey

But this time, it was on her terms

She put the pin in the map

And decided the way forward

She became the Captain of her own ship

The hat fitted her well

Change can be a very difficult thing to initiate in our lives. We don't really like change, do we? We procrastinate and find excuses - tomorrow will do, yes?

But I challenge the belief that humans don't like change - I feel it is just another one of those things that has been fed to us so often that we now believe it.

Back when we hunted mammoths and tended the hearth, we had to be adaptable, needed to be open and able to change in order to ensure our very survival.

I believe that these abilities are still innate in all of us, we have allowed ourselves to become lazy and comfortable so it is easier to not change, stay in our little boxes of discontent.

Sadly, so many of us live in this state of mild discontent, never quite happy with what we are doing, what surrounds us, what we are guardians of.

So, how do we fix that?

Is it possible to make changes that will see us live a more joyful and peaceful life?

Oh, YES it most certainly is.

It constantly amazes me that it's the little changes that can have the biggest impact in our lives. Starting small.

For example, eating clean, unprocessed food can help to make our glorious bodies feel fabulous.

Using pure, ingredients on our skin instead of man-made chemicals can have many benefits.

Drinking water more often can increase our energy and alleviate headaches and cleanse our internal workings.

Accepting that we are incredible, magical beings that can achieve things we didn't think possible just by actually and fully believing that we can.

Ask yourself this:

Are you willing to spend more time every day feeling good inside?

Are you willing to increase the amount of time that your whole life goes well?

Are you willing to feel joy and peace in your life?

If you answered YES, you are ready to change.

Chat with me now and let's get that Captain's hat fitted firmly on your head.

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