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She flicked her fingers across the hangers

Finding something to wear

Too old

Too small

Doesn't fit

Doesn't go with anything

A heavy sign escaped her

She closed the door

And turned away

Then something made her turn back

She opened the door again

How many times had she done this

Tried it on, hung it back up

Closed the door on the choices

Kept it because one day ......

Now she looked with fresh eyes

And began the process of purging

The little black dress she had loved

Now gathering dust

The dress from the wedding

She would not wear again

The coat that could no longer be done up

The maxi dress, bought on an impulse

They all served to remind her

How her body had changed

Each time she had tried them on

And felt a bit less than beautiful

Too tight, too small, too done

Because they were just not right

Or didn't reflect her now

It was time she decided

She emptied the hangers

Of the ones that no longer belonged

Put the clothes in a bag

And closed the door again

It amazed her how liberating this felt

To be rid of the trappings

That no longer gave her joy

Or made her feel good

To let go of the stuff

She had once believed

Signified who she was

Wrapped in linen or cotton or wool

A false persona, masked by garments

She snuggled into her favourite jumper

And her hippy skirt

And at once, felt good

Felt at home

Felt like her

She dropped the bag off

At her local op shop

Flung her hair back

Swished her skirt

And walked away

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