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Celebrating the Maga

She studied her reflection

Starting at her feet,

Strong, a little crusty from not wearing shoes

She thanked them for keeping her grounded

To Mother Earth

Her legs, once muscley and firm

Now the veins showed and the thighs wobbled

She thanked them for carrying her for so many years

For the many steps they had supported her through

As she rocked her babies to sleep

Her soft and rounded belly

Painted with stretch marks

She ran her hands over it and admired it now

For the way her body had been able to stretch

To keep her growing babies safe

Her breasts, once firm and ripe

Now sat soft and feminine on her chest

No longer a shout out to the world

Of her ripeness or sexiness

Rather they were now sensual

She was reminded of their amazing ability

To nourish and sustain her children

Another of her bodies many miracles

She smiled at her face as it looked back at her

Each line that framed her eyes

A reminder of the many times she had laughed

At times uncontrollably, at times inappropriately

The wrinkles etched into her cheeks

From the many smiles she had shared with others

The spots on her skin cast her mind back

To days spent in the sun

Sand, surf and walks in nature

Of fun and laughter, love and joy

She smiled again

The smile of one who has lived


Loved, cried, sang, danced and grieved

She saw herself as the Wise Woman

One who now held her grandchildren

Cradled as she once cradled her own children

Having time to just sit with the little ones

And listen to their imaginations create tales

Of wonder and magic

Again she smiled

In the knowledge that she was at peace

With herself, with her body, with her heart

She was Maga, the wise one

And she was filled with joy

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