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Soul Connection Mentoring

Mentoring for Women

One on One

Online via Zoom


These sessions are a deep dive into your soul.

Creating a space for you to release and re-frame your thinking.

There is nothing we cannot speak of, no subject is off limits in these sessions.

It is a space for you to reach deep down into your life experience and release that

which does not serve your higher good.

We all have stories we tell ourselves, sometimes over and over until they become beliefs.

We all live in a space of expectation which keeps us seeing the same outcomes.

We all have the capacity to move and shift these stories and beliefs to allow ourselves to

be free of them and live in a space of joy and peace.

In these 1:1 Soul Connection sessions:


I will hold for you a safe and sacred space.

I will listen, really listen as you unburden your soul.

I will hold space for you as you release and weep.

I will help you understand why you are feeling all the feels.

I will guide you to re-frame your thoughts into a space that allows you to be who you

are under all the muck you have been carrying.

I will help you to work through the trauma and pain.

I will sit with you in silence if that is what you need.

I will hold you hand as you walk the path of self healing.

I will bring to you the healing energies of Source and our glorious Mother Earth.

I will help you unblock the pathways of your soul and allow you to really feel into what you are

- an amazing creation that is part of all creation.

I will ask those that surround us in spirit to guide me in guiding you.

I will not judge you
or ridicule you
or talk down to you
or tell you what to do.

I will not sell you things you do not need.

I will walk beside you and support you as you find your path back to your authentic, magnificent self.




We will use talking therapy, meditation, deep subconscious cleansing and mindfulness.

We will peel back the layers to the remembering of who you truly are.

We will use techniques to re-frame your thoughts and beliefs to bring you to a space

of self healing, self compassion and love.

We will release the conditioning and the narratives that hold you in a space of

beliefs that do not allow you to flourish as you truly can.

We will challenge your inner critic and quieten her voice as you step into your

deep, innate feminine power.

We will discuss and discover ways to build your calm courage so you can

walk confidently in the knowledge of your wisdom.

And we will strengthen and awaken your intuition so you can begin to

understand the depths of your capacity as a spiritual soul.

This is my offering and it comes from a place of deep spiritual connection to all that surrounds us

- we are all part of the same amazing energy, all connected, all one.

If you are ready to live a life filled with joy, peace and magic,

If you feel called to walk this path with me, I am here.

Let's Begin - Together

"Chelle takes a holistic approach, which has helped me to unravel the layers of past trauma, which has contributed to what feels like a life time of negative thoughts and behaviour. 

Each session combined with counselling and Reiki healing, has taught me the use of tools, such as journaling, guided meditation, practising gratitude and the search of positive reading literature. 

I am held accountable for my own healing and the process required to move past self defeating thoughts and behaviour through taking action using these positive new tools. 

On this journey we call life, I will continue to work with Chelle as I continue learn and grow, shedding all the layers of my past, staying present and mindful in any given moment. 

I am very grateful to have such support."

Jess W.

Let’s Work Together

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