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Long ago, women sat together, around the hearth, in circle, joined in community. We were not separated into our little boxes and yards as we are today - we communed.

We laughed, sang, danced, healed, cried, grieved,

birthed, cooked, mended, created



Over time, they have slowly separated us from each other and conditioned us to believe that this was a good thing.

But all it has brought us is dis-ease, dis-content and distance.

Our lives have not been enhanced by this cutting of the cords of connection, the distancing of our souls but rather we have lost

the ability to create the miracles in our lives that are possible.

It is time, my dear women, to come together once again and remember our magic, our magnificence, to step back into our power as the amazing beings we truly are.

Image by Jonathan Bean

The mind is like water,
when it's turbulent, it is difficult to see,
When it is Calm, everything becomes Clear

Prasad Mahes

You have found us here because you know things in your life need to be different.

We have chosen to be here on glorious Mother Gaia at a very special moment in history.

It is time for us to come together and remember

our power, our magic and our innate gifts.

I believe that all women

~ are born Healers

~ have strong intuitive power

~ need to connect with each other

~ can bring this world back into the light

This is the Journey to Remembering


The Age of

The Maga

(the Wise Woman)

Some poetry, some musings, the good, the bad and the inspiring

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Mannum, SA, Australia

Healing Stones
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