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A Journey to Belonging

She stepped in quietly

Hoping to blend

With the women in the group

Kind of slide in unannounced


She was noticed immediately

And greeted with the smiles

Of those who sat in the circle

Inviting her to join



It had taken all her courage

To get here today

She had procrastinated for months



Unsure of her place

She took her seat

Nodded to those across from her

Sat quietly, hands in her lap

Trying not to stick out



Tell us about you

They offered









She began her introduction

Gave a little bit

Kept the rest locked inside

As she watched the others



Gradually she relaxed

Realised that she was not rejected

Realised that these women

Were just like her



They spoke of things

She could relate to

That she, too, felt

She had experienced, lived



She relaxed a little more

A smile escaped

As she listened to the others

Tell their funny stories



And then she felt the shift

The connection she had craved

For so long

It crept up on her unawares



A small tear escaped her eye

As the realisation dawned

These women "got" her

Theses women were her

Just dressed in different bodies



The sigh that left her mouth

Was one of sheer relief

That she now sat with her tribe

She was home



And she smiled......




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