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One Step at a Time

The staircase was daunting

So many steps

It just looked too much

Too much effort


There was a light at the top though

And it looked good up there

She could see clear sky

And a glow that enticed her


She sat on the bottom step

Head in her hands

It’s all too hard

She told herself


The step felt uncomfortable

She moved around a bit to resettle herself

Still no joy

The next step might feel better


She decided to move up

And found it a little more comfortable

She stayed there for a bit

And turned her head to once again

Look at the top


It seemed closer now

The light was little brighter

She moved up another step

And sat for a bit

Until it felt right


This step was even more comfortable

Than the last

And a little spark of hope

Began to fire in her belly


Each time she moved up

Another of the steps

It became a little easier

More comfortable


She felt lighter the closer she got

To the glow at the top

It seemed to spur her on


She moved again

A feeling of hope growing inside

But found this step a bit hard

It was not as easy

As the previous one

But she sat for a while

Until it softened

And yielded to her persistence


She decided to stay here a while

To fully allow the step

To integrate and become

Part of her, one with her


And she knew that that was ok

Because tomorrow

She could start again

And move to the next

And the next

And the next


For she had learned

That there was no race to the top

She could take the time she needed

Take each step as she could


For her journey had begun

When she took the first step

To the glow that would fill her heart

And life

With the joy that she missed

And wanted


She had started

Initiated the change

And that was what mattered


And she smiled……

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