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The Age of Maga

This is an exciting journey into the age of the Maga - that stage in our lives when we transition into peri-menopause, menopause and beyond.

Our bodies start to change, our minds are drawn to other pursuits and we find ourselves considering the next stage of our lives.

Traditionally, this has seen women feel that they are redundant, invisible and no longer valued in society or communities.

But, as women are living longer, this has become a very outdated idea.

We are now working longer, staying healthier and wanting to remain valuable and visible in our communities.

And we can.....

all we need to do is believe in ourselves enough to make it happen.

Let's face it though, our bodies go through so much change at

this time in our lives. 

Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

There's a lot going on - but as we step up into the power of the Maga stage, we will find ways to challenge the stereotypes and change the beliefs around getting older as a woman in the 21st century.

The beliefs of others but more importantly, those of ourselves.

Women's Circle

for The Magas

Held weekly in Mannum

Like to join us?

Contact me here for details

So, what is the Maga?

Traditionally, there were three stages in a woman's life

Maiden  ~  Mother  ~  Crone

Now, as we are living longer than previous generations, we have added another stage - that of the Maga. This is the time when you are finished with bleeding and have moved into the menopausal stage. 

Not quite a crone, the old woman who sits in her chair and gives advice (or wisdom if you're lucky tee hee) but past the stage of Maiden and Mother.


(A note here - the stage of Mother does not necessarily involve the birthing of children, you can birth many other things in this time - career, creativity, business, love, home, relationships etc or be the mother of fur babies).

Maiden ~ Mother ~ Maga ~ Crone

Think of it as the seasons of our lives:

Maiden = Spring = Blossoming
Mother = Summer = Ripe
Maga = Autumn = Changing
Crone = Winter = Resting

When we learn to accept our stage in life and stop chasing the illusion of youth as being the only thing of  value, we can begin the transition into the powerful and wise stage of the Maga.

We Wake the Wise Woman

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