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Dropping Off the Baggage

As I was relaxing in bed this morning, I glanced across at my wardrobe - the door was open a bit and I could see the messy clutter of my clothes staring back at me.

One shelf in particular caught my attention - the bottom one, the one that has about 10 pairs of pants, jeans etc on it.

It struck me that I had not worn any of the clothing that rested on this shelf for some time - about 2 years I think - and I wondered why I had kept them.

It's not because they are precious, or they house memories of good times - some of them were bought on impulse or seemed like a bargain at the op shop - but it puzzled me for a moment why they still adorned my wardrobe.

I don't wear pants or jeans a lot, I'm more of a skirt kind of girl so it is even more puzzling why I keep an excess of lower body covering cloth.

I'll get around to cleaning my clothes out, I said to myself, a job I have been meaning to do for some time. A lot of my clothes are black, (I like black)so it is very difficult to discern between what is actually in there most of the time. And it's Messy!!

Time to clean out the baggage, I promised myself, just before I took off to the kitchen for my coffee.

Our emotional baggage is a lot like this. We hang onto things that are worn out or no longer fit where we are in our lives and, like my wardrobe, it just clutters up our minds.

It also can eat away at us because we keep revisiting the same old stories and beliefs that are not for our higher good.

We can all benefit from some help to clear the clutter and the stories. Working with a mentor can help you get there.

I know that because I have done it. Worked on releasing the old, worn out narratives that kept me in a space of low self esteem, low self worth and quite frankly, despondent and discontent.

Could you benefit from a declutter?

Come sit with me and we'll work through it together. I'll help you to decide what to keep and what you really don't need to be carrying anymore.

Let's lighten the load, lovely.

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