My Offering...

As I wander through my garden to pick something for lunch, a crow caws loudly from the tree above me.

His mate caws back from another tree in the garden. They continue to caw and call.

"Hear us", they say.

Crows have always signaled to me that there is something I need to listen to or heed. Today is no different.

Today, the message comes - you need to let them understand. To enlighten them as to your offering, what you bring to the Earth at this time.

I find it hard to define what it is I do and offer, to put myself in a box, however, I will do my best here.

I will hold for you a safe and sacred space. I will listen, really listen as you unburden your soul. I will hold space for you as you release and weep.

I will help you understand why you are feeling all the feels. I will guide you to re-frame your thoughts into a space that allows you to be who you are under all the muck you have been carrying.

I will help you to work through the trauma and pain. I will sit with you in silence if that is what you need. I will hold you hand as you walk the path of self healing.

I will bring to you the healing energies of Source and our glorious Mother Earth. I will help you unblock the pathways of your soul and allow you to really feel into what you are - an amazing creation that is part of all creation.

I will ask those that surround us in spirit to guide me in guiding you.

I will not judge you or ridicule you or talk down to you or tell you what to do.

I will not sell you things you do not need.

I will walk beside you and support you as you find your path back to your authentic, magnificent self.

This is my offering and it comes from a place of deep spiritual connection to all that surrounds us - we are all part of the same amazing energy, all connected, all one.

If you feel called to walk this path with me, I am here.

In peace and love Chelle

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