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Quiet Light

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

She did not need to roar

For now her power

Lay in her silence

Her calm, her serenity

She did not need to force

For now her strength

Lay in her ability to stand

In the knowledge that she

Was already aware

There was no need to shout

For her words held quiet truth

That she felt deep

In her soul

She did not need to parade

As her magic and magnificence

Was there, for those

Who chose to see

She did not need to ask

For those that sought

Her truth and light

Found her

Without searching

She was whole

Complete, sacred

Her deep love of all

That surrounded her

Was all that she needed

To share

And those that needed to gather

Joining her circle, her tribe


All was calm


Yet full of the power

Of those who seek

Truth and to be authentic

As that is all that matters

When we find our way

And she had found hers....

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