Visions of a Woman

It's all an illusion!

Comparison can be a dangerous and debilitating master.

As women, we have been conditioned to compare ourselves to others for ever.

It is tossed in our faces every day.

If you are not .....(fill in the blank here girls) then you are either, not good enough or not playing the game. And there are precious few of us who don't fall into the trap of comparison. And fewer still that don't play the game. We might think we have it all sorted - but I would bet there are times you just don't think you are good enough.

Sadly, this leads to a perception of ourselves as never quite enough - we can never really aspire to the lofty heights of perfection.

But what the hell is perfection? Who decided where that benchmark sits?

(my guess is all those folk who want to make money from playing on your insecurities and the fraudulent inventors of the photo filters)

This is especially true as we age - we allow society to decide when our use by date is and why. So many times I have heard older women bemoan the fact that they now feel invisible in their communities, relationships, workplaces......

But why? Why do we buy into this manufactured ideal of youth and beauty being the only things of value that women possess?

I have struggled with this for decades - even when I was young and beautiful :)

Every day, wishing I could change something about myself - and this often fluctuated daily from perceived flaw to perceived flaw. Always something to criticise.

So much time wasted worrying about how I appeared to others, what imperfection was I trying to hide from the world today.

It puzzles me - so much so, that I have now made it my mission to change this - find ways to help women change the vision they have of themselves. Assist them to find peace and acceptance of the magnificent, magical beings that they are.

Here are 5 things I want you to think about and challenge:

  1. Looking at your reflection - what is your first thought?

  2. Scan your body - what is your first thought?

  3. See yourself as others see you - your friends don't spend their time with you pointing out all your perceived flaws - why do you??

  4. When you dress, do you dress for you? Or others?

  5. Is it impossible for you to go a day without makeup? Or just wear the basics, not the full camo.

When a woman is peaceful and has joy in her heart, it shows. It is broadcast on her face, the way she carries her body (regardless of its shape or size) and the energy and light she exudes.

We all know that one woman who is a joy to be around, she lifts you up because she is comfortable with who she is and where her place is in her world.

How would you like to be that woman?

Big kudos to you if you are her, because you are the light that keeps us sane.

So, here's another challenge for you, only 3 this time:

  1. When you look at your reflection, smile at yourself as though you are smiling at a friend

  2. Take 5 minutes in the morning to just appreciate the incredible and magical instrument that is your body - even if you feel it could use a bit of improvement - just love it for 5 minutes.

  3. State one thing that you are thankful for about your body - e.g. I can walk, I have beautiful eyes, I can dance when I want to, my hair is fabulous!

Do these challenges for one week and let me know if they make a difference.

And one last thing, next time you are talking with a woman, take a moment to sincerely let her know just how wonderful you think she is.

Lift another up and your world becomes lighter and more joyful.

In peace and love to all you magnificent, magical, mysterious ladies xxx

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